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Window Film

Save money and beat the heat with reflective films! Reflective films are made with metal, copper and/or aluminum. Darker films are a thing of the past and not desirable for most residential and commercial applications. Thus, metal films with increased reflectivity are more popular and let more light through while providing excellent solar heat protection. However, a reflective film will reflect inward during the evening when interior lights are on.

Huper Optik "Smart" Films, Madico "MAC" Films, and Sun Tek "Ultra Vision" Films are made using metal, XIR, and ceramic technology. Ceramic films not only provide great solar protection, they also have close to the same reflectivity as a normal window, and are virtually clear and invisible to the eye, helping to preserve an evening view like the one in the picture on your right.

If you have a night-time view window that requires film and you want to retain that night-time view, or if you have an aversion to reflectivity, then a low-reflective ceramic film is for you. If the above doesn't apply, either may be suitable. Let
Cover Your Glass assist you in making the right film choice.

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